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jack today met one
he coulda become, no doubt
today hes preparin
to get midwestern met

roy decided to stay
quiet years ago, another
one we should watch
out for, the you in we
lettin up on the valve

dr spanyck liked some
photos of her day, that
parallel park job
in the morn, purchase
of white wine and
cat food with coupons
at night, down the block

eddie thought who dont
feel better buyin something
nice at the weekend
hope she stops soon
with the cheap tshirts

today we feel no lifes
ever been as long workin
at unfinished portraits

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out today on the skiff, see the Belgian solutions
at worst ordinary landscapes of the Anthropocene

a new dialogue between Athens and Brussels
a pointless gem picked from the black sand beach

of 22 hour days, pyroclastic surge, microclimates
burning down parallel to two college tech-bros

moving east to west as we speak, declaring
“we’re too old to sleep on floors, survive

by such perishable tactics, outline expressions
of baseline weakness, flex biceps through a phone”

this tho: I need to ask you, sir, about this tattooed
“what’s good” mentality and any current amnesias

so, mine’s soft circle and the male feminine
contradiction science and continental electronics

microtargeting and growing your audience
sexy technology and getting bored stiff

miles of undying color and biological imperative
small things in silence, that good ole global normal

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your friends have mostly left
that cracked-static city
but not for hometowns, certainly
not for glaswerk-cubuś domeczki
glimmering on the floodplains

but here she is loving how
he renders tree leaves
in woodblock prints, just as
your exclusive goal
must remain change

even yesterday, mistaking
horse for dog, even the way
you move through me
means I’m not in such a bad mood

not that which occurs upon decline
of a superpower, being unfollowed
by a life coach marketing self
or a declared desire for sympathy

we both know birch tree bark
can be removed in borrowed territories
but without you and the houseplants
nothing much more should exist

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home is where we scroll furiously
swipe with purpose
love boldly

where we get woke: ghosts of our past
collide with the present, square
apparitions empowered and
empowering community
family friends
show me

want to post something, real
hyper about it, not sure
what to post but 78 likes
in the first hour
is a must: need to post

all day every day want
obsessed love love
LOVE landlocked yearning
YAY midwestern sentiment

she wrote she could almost *hear*
her insecurities booming through
she’s pretty but omg so boring

on Monday he’ll post the latest
installment of Adventure Funtimes
in the North-Eastern Counties
then tell you

shoutout to
Dude wearing a black metal band t-shirt
buying a growler of ginger beer
Neighbor helping folks in trouble
down the way, not just filming
and posting (blue heart #hero)
anxxxxxxxxxxiety (only
six likes, one repost)

stay woke: his lack of interest
has been as conscious
as the non-likes will be

we miss having a place to talk
about our feelings on the web

been done said: if you aren’t afraid
the world’s your safe space

give me feedback
I too am cool and love feedback

#L.A. isn’t #la
don’t work that way


PSA number 1: the Kids need to be
interacting outside their sphere
instead of using memes and Tumblr
to understand the world
#goshdarnit #olds

the Kids say fanx: now woke
they dismiss all memes

those memes tho

PSA number 2: it’s tuf
stayin cognizant in a populaish
of zombies on ephemera kicks

read what I am writing
the biggest problem with Europe
imho: people forget from whence they came

from whence do you come
rose quartz
pale aqua

PSA number 3: freakin ameeea-
zing how good a time I can have
overcoming nerviness & leavin the house
#sorrynotsorry #nottriggered

next day Best Dudefriend texts
apparently your earrings are racist now


PSA number 4: don’t ignore things
when they don’t fit your narrative
of who’s good & bad, it’s hard
to see the evil in front of you
even when it’s so dang loud

plot: 10-hour transatlantic flight
setting: business class
characters: our community
aesthetic: me so tired
food: gluten-free

if you’re in pain, write
please send nice words

PSA number 5: be kind
you need me to say this
you need to hear this
I need you to read this
you’re welcome


literally the nicest breakfast room
I’ve ever breakfasted in

that baby grand tho

we’re all professionals
so proud to work here
(especially today)

that asymmetric manufactured outrage
of information professionals tho

looking forward to walking into the sea
one day

that tweet tho


look at my image: literally
everything in my life is different
but I still own this and that
see what I own

look at my image: recording
at the beach (gear not depicted)
see the location
that beach name tho

look at my image: I tried to make
#kvlt faces and it got stuck that way
see my subculture

look at my image: we’re the best
also the worst

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So I returned here from the big capitals,
To a town in a narrow valley under the cathedral hill
With royal tombs. To a square under the tower
And the shrill trumpet sounding noon, breaking
Its note in half because the Tartar arrow
Has once again struck the trumpeter.
And pigeons. And the garish kerchiefs of women selling flowers.
And groups chattering under the Gothic portico of the church.
My trunks of books arrived, this time for good.
What I know of my laborious life: it was lived.
Faces are paler in memory than on daguerreotypes.
I don’t need to write memos and letters every morning.
Others will take over, always with the same hope,
The one we know is senseless and devote our lives to.
My country will remain what it is, the backyard of empires,
Nursing its humiliation with provincial daydreams.
I leave for a morning walk tapping with my cane:
The places of old people are taken by new old people
And where the girls once strolled in their rustling skirts,
New ones are strolling, proud of their beauty.
And children trundle hoops for more than half a century.
In a basement a cobbler looks up from his bench,
A hunchback passes by with his inner lament,
Then a fashionable lady, a fat image of the deadly sins.
So the Earth endures, in every petty matter
And in the lives of men, irreversible.
And it seems a relief. To win? To lose?
What for, if the world will forget us anyway.

– Czesław Miłosz

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