This season we engage your language through self-study
And a regimen designed in sandbag form. Those who
Do not use loan words or adverbs properly will be sent
To volunteer at the levy: the season is slippery for a reason.
On the ferry you consider your strategies for getting paid
For the fad of forgetting your birthplace. How recursive this
Spring with its call not to produce but save. We know already
Winter will be brutal, that another year here as a tenant of culture
And border crossing means that where I cycle home from, outlined
In adverse technical language, is someplace leading me to distaste.
Today’s realization was that they must teach even children to
Be aloof there, to run into each other around corners, teach
Them to block the sidewalk in front of bus stops. But nobody
Mentions their learning and not remembering anymore, just how
Their money, land, houses, and cars have disappeared in the floods,
As if so much time with friends, family, coworkers, and soldiers
Has become commensurable. There is a sense we have no wasted
Days beyond the page, that we do not need to be reminded to vote.
Suffice it to say most of us believe as much in inventing traditions
As in leaving to forgetting all that will be left to regret.

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