When for several days relief takes the form of
False kiosks, laying in time for you to decide
Not to decide yet on which ones to observe

Without her, you are more like a partridge
Than a white pelican flying poorly, and for
Moving abroad you are a bad American

For this is the way families are formed
Staying in one place, other locales wasting away
Going to bed early, no music, just figures

Walking by incantatory forests, triumph
After triumph of their “just breathe” mandate
That he needs a vacation from his retirement

That you need empowerment, deserve to receive
All you want and demand, packed and shipped
Upon a cloudy horizon with that always acrid

Reasoning, but you guys, though her saccharine
Mails and double question marks make you

Wince, to treat yourself is to update them on
Your impenetrable futures, to perpetuate for
Another moment your literature of exhaustion



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