This will not end as a joke but as silk or as
A low-slung fog one day, next a sky drizzling
A ghosted icing: watch it all melt into air

Then pitch it down, fix everything at once
Save for a home then make a home, no need
To remember what we discussed last year

About your marriage though I care, really
I do, for the stutters and twitches haunting
That ductile material of your days, for the

Haircuts and the series of uniforms, for tidy
Old fears of frosted glass, soiled electronics
Discarded behind the brutalist facades

But when weighed against your daily choice
To button up your top button, if not, not
Becomes a too easy answer: if only

You too followed what is inhuman in me, spoke
A million reasons to stay so I can misremember
Only half as reasons to leave, bowed in fear

Of crowdedness, of being pinged endlessly
Of blizzards in the west, electrocutions
Firing squads: real things anxious for rest

Like cold nerves in your back ghosted by
Obligation: cinder beings, train stations full
Of dead whales and sleek timetables for

Forgetting: forgetting the trouble involved in
Imagining a future dynamic beyond emulation
One unhaunted that is not, ugh, pulverized



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