No sleep post-conversation and/or argument which started simply
As a request for address change & not blame casting then of course
A defensive + patronizing turn to procedure & mistake gone grey
Even unanswered for two plus years so the accountant apologizes
Says well stupid system yes you got the accountant to say the system
Is stupid yes that system the accountant works in & with & for
Is stupid after centuries of inane bookkeeping + unwatchable
National TV + a language of hisses devoid of gesture + hundreds
Of offices & departments with a stake in your data but lazy and/or
Uncommunicative so this is the procedure & it says get the address
From the official card + ignore the inhabitant’s mouth saying no
I live elsewhere & here’s my current address & the procedure says
Say it’s not our fault if the procedure fails but yours that the system
Ahem stupid system has weaknesses so the accountant says sorry but
It’s your fault for misunderstanding our system & not anticipating
Its shortcomings at which the kind of joy is sparked an idiot feels
Which means how an idiot feels victory despite not watching the
Asinine TV of an asinine nation of which you’re an asinine inhabitant
By name if not design but yes you won when winning means nothing
Except exertion yes you won the poison beyond Friday & Saturday
Finally Sunday oh glory to your your inability to sleep while the joke
LIVE LOVE LAUGH fondles the gangrened tendrils of your memory
Then does it all over again yes do it to the system & do not forget

How buttons take you to the bottom when all you want is to delete
How the chain will never run on your bicycle the same again
How no one will cut the amount of edible fuel you need
How the table is sticky with blueberries and crumbs
How the apple was just rotten & now it’s shot through with poison
How the poison’s in you till you go to the woods yes deliberately sure
How you go to the woods deliberately to sweat a sheath of salt
How the salt restricts your neck & you can no longer turn around
How the accountant then tells you what else is your fault so
How you don’t speak the language & have no idea what’s happening
How you are unknowing & impossible to get to know & too quiet
How you have been heard to say that knowing’s no accomplishment
How survival is nothing to celebrate & watching TV no relay of news
How making the right financial decisions is not so important
How the markets will surely implode + things are precarious at best
How that is unrelated to the accountant being from a young nation
How that has nothing to do with your sleep or even with you at all
How you can now rest in thinking solely about money and death



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