In short you were afraid to not be there to take her shopping, slowly
Buying grapefruit juice, mustard, licorice gum, packaged spinach

Pushing the cart quietly, your eye towards the liquor aisle: in short
You were afraid to not be there when he takes the mirror off the wall

And tears up the newspapers, burns the antique planes, pries off
The soldering from his stained-glass lamps, spits at all the marble

Cracks: talks only about chipmunks, lunch plans, the neighbor’s
Baby, class anxiety, class reunions, the high school that was so nice

With its burnt grilled cheese, the tunnels around Cu Chi, investments
And your lack thereof, taking specific unrelatable types of risk: no

Reason to read the questions, just the answers if they exist and if not
No need to respond to her sets of double question marks: no

Purchase power can cover the honeyed boredom or Oedipal waves
When nothing is less insightful than someone else’s disappointment



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