A wooded run each morning away from this
Human and/or animal: nothing needed not
Subtracted from religion long ago but the

Facture favoring dawn over dusk: another
Chance to escape the enormous room, to
Feel the fraud down glazed corridors

Of a Moscow mall, the Cleveland Arcade
Battersea cave or Huntsville Greyhound
Station, wherever always offended, never

Ashamed: to say if you disappear riding
Towards the east, someone must die with you
Only with music in his ears: this is to

Say someone is really dying to be better
Son and daughter or other son: to keep
Patriotic in this totality of siblings

But to not study their language, to escape
Not knowing their language and commit instead
To finding those wild strawberries next

To rot: to photograph the woman leaning up
Not in to pick leaves off the ash tree and
To sell the photo to help pay for upcoming

Hip replacements: to stay in this city hard
To leave hanging with no crowd: never riding
Owning, or working on a motorcycle, hardly ever

Wearing all black, never purchasing or even
Consuming small-batch bourbon, never ever using
The adjective clutch: to be in no position

To even consider buying the lot next door
For building a deck and/or fire pit: this
Is the shock of the matter when they say

In a democracy you buy houses, this makes
You a better citizen in the long run, this
Makes you think forgetting is no privilege



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