Study the language to only read, leave
The listening: cause when you ask

What he’s doing he says cleaning
The body, meaning himself: maintain

This foreign humor amidst your own
Orthography, ask only one other

About the Cote D’Azur and he will
Say nothing not already known

Nothing funny as nothing insightful
About the new rules that when

In the woods just shut your pie-hole
It’s that simple: model after

Those dogs as quiet as the best
Of the populace, watch silently

The real football game until the
Shrill show up to ruin it, watch

Married With Children as long as
It’s dubbed: rules for them not

For you, stranger, knowledgeable
Of things they are only dimly aware

Of: that there is no such thing as a
Democratic forest, that the weekend

The verdict came down on 137 shots
With yet another swing to the right

Seemed massive but how so in this
Nation already skewed so right that

The Sunday you head down to the
Kiermasz to purchase ebony sunglasses

At 20% discount is nothing but wonder
At how the colors don’t break, how

Everyone keeps growing their brand (their
Middle-class), how even the fat seems organic

How you seem to be getting stupider
With a minimum of sybaritic behavior

How you’re not the only one

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