Your authoritarian debut was a wash, such pearl clutching and
Functionality creep nothing but the heat death of interest.

It made him wonder, are you saying or starting to say don’t
Go to America or into it? Just stay on the aspirational side

Of incomprehension? Of course if he recommends visiting
Supermarket Tamade In Osaka, it may be true you see yourself

As the varnished image in the junk mail, that we cannot not make
Plans, that the cowardly minotaur will continue to take it easy.

So, the title of every next collection will be: Works: 1979 – Now.
See/hear: your name written by another man as he signs his account

Of her congenital heart condition and surgery, all that a matter
Of practical obscurity, always without malice. How far along

Are we in the interregnum, do you think? They/we/you ____
Overcome: “shan’t” fits interminably, does it not? Still

You love the way she says precious stones, as if beauty becomes
Weaponized with an exit and you’ve never seen so many photos

In which every single person is wearing khaki shorts, most cargo.
Literally, like a naughty individualism glamorizing visionaries

And drawing new parallels between hard work and success, you’re
Implicated as one who can envision no exit without melodic invitation

Especially when it’s a no-exit model “they” are accelerating us into
Into oblivion. What a funny, gorgeous idea, as if getting us out of

The present, away from electronics and back into their arms
Is the answer. But bad, bad institution will always equal bad son

Equal bad cop when they cannot stop massaging the data so you
Don’t have to, when they want to be correct so you can at least

Be interesting. And here you are, stupid, incorrect, uninteresting
Abroad, dreaming of swimming pools full of guns and garbage trucks

Of cash and oceans of helicopters. What happens to the mind when
It cannot find rest in the sanctity of the electric family abode?

Wheels spin out of control, gears grind to a halt, drains forever
Blocked, baroque differences sliced, anxious intervals maintained.

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