By the end of the heat wave we’re paralyzed
In position of the old skate trick called
The Bodyjar: skin problems at both ends but
Determined to stick the landing. You skate
No more and cycle till the bike nicknamed
The Workhorse is stolen: picture it hidden
Up north in the reeds. In the anxious interval
Between no bike and wealth management, micro-
Bursts become more frequent, forgetting more
Than temptation. And on Fathers Day he
Describes the plot of Planet of the Apes
Over the phone as you notate an alternative
History: a twisted ankle launch following
The advent of shame. To remember Columbia
Station then Budapest then Tokyo all
In the space of a few hours: so what
If you expect every reply to be a bad one?
With your shades of blond and gray, homesick
Means going on nine months and being
Called home with double question marks.
How you know the job of the bike thief
Is to strengthen revision: it was no good
It was unoriginal, what lies ahead must be
Better. Nowadays, favoring future shock over
Present images of weakness is the real
Apocalypse. So much attention to health and
The body as enemy: the new bike is named
Solid Gold, send nice things to the grayest
Ever gray, stay gorge! If the only authentic
Literature is the owner’s manual and you
Have only about five friends, they must
Be spraying plosives everywhere after this
News: but none land skate moves anymore.
Not everything is a hack but this surely
Is: make it through the day by not
Looking at him, or her, or it. Walking
These sidewalks covered in smashed neons
You are good at heart, you’re full of heart
Your luck will change, you won’t grow old
If you keep changing, etc. Is this attitude
Gratitude or anger? Depending on your answer
Update our list of harms: to be the nephew
And tell your aunt you care not where she lives
To hear “tentativity” in a debate on vocal fry
And upspeak, to steal and be stolen from.

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