There’s some kind of inter-generational data barrage
Between token anti-elitism and anti-broism
Making you averse to making any demand outside the
Privilege Workshops held every Tuesday at 9:15 AM
At Soft Mall Memory Music Technologies, Ltd.
In downtown Spartanburg. Welcome, welcome.

Cause even with the private languages and these
Grammars of advantage, all you’ve ever wanted
Was to be left alone. But there’s that bio instinct
For the small spaces and the very little blood
At stake, the little blood at work. We can appeal
To the community to help us pay, as if we have an idea
How we’ll feel at the top of the stairs upon arrival.

An arborist is called to investigate the fallen trees
And just why you put the pillow over your heard to sleep
Through both alarms more than once.

That ritual of place is no failure of memory, only another
Temporal paraochialism: new music as decoration
Of time. So while you may say you are not here
To assimilate, you barely understand the point
Is less about being here than not being there.

That, folks, is the reification of the memory’s present
As photographic print. That is the loneliness
Of being neither fated nor doomed.

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