The day before that particular day never to be
Forgotten, your choices are go to the woods,
The mall or the gender museum, consider
Buying a knife or a new watch: basically,
Get up or you’ll be taken down, cured pink.

The phones have become rather talented at
Taking photos in the last year: turns out
There really is no business like no business
To drive new dictionary traffic. Migrant,
Refugee, exile, no matter: nature is a brutalist
Mall windswept in the hills of northern Ohio,
Which is nothing but a purple state anymore.

This birthday a long shadow of the future
Lengthening: this power of the mouth to demand
Is not the only reason to stretch the jaws.
Going nowhere slow(ly), no? Your reading
Cannot encompass, can barely even reflect,
A world described as on fragmented fire.

Drop this diktat from the bass of the sky:
Your favorite words are declared to be
Gums and mud, maybe foreign fields. But
As an old man living in the mountains,
Why should storks look for you, why
Should seagulls be wary of you? It’s time
To normalize, raise the rates, not
Raise the roofs: you are a lazy son
But you are the only son, so surrender
To these decisions, the path, location.

Brother Ass shares your surname, battles
Push-ups, rides two bicycles, stretches
The band, runs sore: go ahead and purchase
The vest, knife, and sharpener to become
Real, receive wishes, or maybe just
Get some peaceful sleep. Others are
Buying property, but for what anchor
Would you forsake driving through villages
Of the east listening to Kraftwerk, eating
Yellow raspberries from the vine: your
Life a wager that a wide circumference
Will draw you to the real center.

Overhear him accidentally saying something
Like: this is no posh isolation, this,
The most peripheral birthday of September
Pushing through its forgottenness of summer,
Telling us the fall is coming only when
You can finally see the purple loosestrife.

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