Even in Ohio, even after all the cedars
On fire and moving stone upon stone
With him: sometimes you just have to ask
To get the heat turned on, to consume
Too much: daily pumpkin spice lattes,
Debates on the acceptability of leggings,
Ads for breadstick sandwiches, aquarium
Installation reality shows, repeated
Convos on brands owned by Smuckers,
Tesla test drives: such weightlessness

Beneath the most cerulean of skies,
Like picking marbles out of a felt bag,
Like looking at this fantastic man-
Child, ever prodigal, now watching
Her gaze at the moon, now watching
His homeland become strange, now
Muttering: RIP chrysalis, what’s this

Cicatrix of Poland you have arrived
In: when all attacks on communication
Are attacks on language, we wonder
If we’re making a good life or just
A good story, if the jewelry we wear
Bears witness to our being: consider
The sequence of things you love, like
That alienated old humanities scholar
Who quit Europe but never really

Assimilated in Japan: when you live in
The United States of Europe, a tough
Rhetoric is imperative if you get no nod
Or hug from the surrogates: it’s that old
Sadness in love, this ax of all nations,
Morning light unto death, high spring
Temps and Christmas trees: buzzards

Circling beneath a half moon hung
In a cloudless sky before noon: be ready
To return to isolation’s poisonous air,
Where nobody uses their turn signals
Anymore: your credit score’s perfect
But in this raw oozing newness of now,
In America’s tsunami of stuff, these
Simple substances are living mirrors.

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2 thoughts on “1340 DIAS (STOCHASTIC ORDER)

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    i like this because the images are sharp and the point of view is interesting. for example, perhaps no one uses turn signals anymore because they feel so isolated that it doesn’t matter?


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