From the airport such snow and red
Barns mirror Ohio cornfields, sunrise
At 9:19 AM, the only cops those two
On horseback by the African football
Café, two shots of Linie aquavit in
Front of a fireplace full of white pine.

An attempt at integration via two visits
To the Tronsmo Bøker og Tegneserier
To peruse photos of Ukraine by Otto Snoek,
The sky leaden but tidy, fantastic man
And signet, no crucifixes anywhere.

Among the many ways to travel home,
One is to pretend you can live anywhere
And that you want to live nowhere else.

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3 thoughts on “GRØNLAND

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    your poem takes me into a different place, but you provide enough details to make me feel as if i am visiting. i would like to see more of Snoek’s photos. the last three lines could stand alone, so strong.

    • Thanks for reading! Snoek is definitely a photographer worth checking out. Funny that on a trip to another country, memories of looking at a book of photos of a different country can be so vivid…

      • sanberdooboy says:

        that is an interesting observation. perhaps the dislocation of traveling makes us notice everything more closely, a survival instinct. in unfamiliar places we may feel that we need to be “on guard”.


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