Current status: dominating life, new
Paraframe knives, darling wives and
Date nights, memories of haunted men,
All kinds of wars, shopping, marriage
In Dreamland, Ohio: LOVE it. This.
Neighborhood. Is. The. Freaking. Best.

Their progress West was slow, fraught
With a neo-violence never seen before:
Bloodlet the top of his left arm, knife
A cheap Chinese metal but the tip held:
Bite down on this beer-donut, that’s
How we share our new badness up in here.

How we do leadership: still some pre-
Black Friday sales to hit and bottles
To pop, so remember to wear your camo-
OSU cap to the new BBQ joint (looks
AMAZING) and to tweet more photos of
Fam-versus-dog backyard hockey games.

Parallel to us, ghosting back home,
They speak in authentic accents about
Curating a selection of artisanal
Accessories we need for the home, about
Helping us to refine our false flag
Inclinations with a suburban glamour:
To access your residence of impermanence,
Do you really need a fifth bicycle?

Passionate Clevelanders of the wine-
Drinking, slipper-wearing variety
Listen only to the country that makes
You hold your breath: as a streak
Runner married to a sort-of-runner,
You worship the photography of the
Neue Sachlichkeit and demand they stop
Calling them boots on the ground: hey,
Welcome to our side of the tracks, enjoy.

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  1. niasunset says:

    You have a different poetical voice. Beautiful and impressive… Reader finds her/himself in this poetical pictures… Nice to meet you dear Poet, Zoltan! I have also visited your other blog too. Music is great. And also the photographs and art news that you shared on twitter were all amazing. This is richness for humanity. I mean art and memories… Life without them would have been so boring… But you know there is love all behind of them… The main role is love…. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

  2. sanberdooboy says:

    your first stanza is so wonderfully satirical that I had to re-read it three times and each time smiled ruefully. re-reading the rest of your poem i noticed how well you brought in so many contemporary cliches: artisanal, date night, darling wives, Black Friday, false flag, suburban glamour (an oxymoron if ever there was one). The last line effectively communicates threat and sarcasm : “enjoy!” The poem provides a catalog of our culture, and it doesn’t sound very alluring.


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