2016  Multi-Image City
2015  Zaraz Zaraz
2014  Past Future Attention
2013  Stories We Forget
2012  Captured Luxury
2011  Blood Brother Cathexis
2010  Engage Me
2009  Memory Exile
2008  New York Lures
2007  Eastern Promise
2006  Lax + Relaxed
2005  Ends Meet
2004  Foreign Again
2003  While You Were Gone
2002  A Step Away from Them
2001  The Day After Your Birthday
2000  Missing Dog Head
1999  False Witness of Unrest
1998  Quarterbacks and Prom Queens
1997  The Straight Edge
1996  Skate or Die
1995  Teenbeat Shoplift
1994  Depantsed
1993  Slanted and Enchanted in Santo Amaro
1992  Tropics and Tropismes
1991  Start of Sight Unseen
1990  New Continent Decade
1989  South of North
1988  Kudzu National Tour 1988
1987  The Peach
1986  Challenger, Too
1985  Photo Comforts
1984  Sun Worship
1983  You’ll Never Laugh So Hard Again
1982  Ridgewood Dream
1981  Familial Equivocation
1980  First in Flight
1979  A Home for America

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2 thoughts on “SOLO EXHIBITIONS

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    i tried reading the poem from the top down and then the reverse way, even though the dates clearly indicate the organizing principle. i searched for “zaraz” (of Polish derivation) and found it is (was?) “an experimental/industrial funeral doom band from Canada.” i looked up “cathexis.” i wondered where the missing dog head is. i was unfortunately aware of “depantsing.” The poem is sometimes funny (“skate or die”), puzzling (see above), and poignant (You’ll never laugh so hard again”) journey. Your work draws me in.

    • Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate you investigating and reacting to certain key points! Funny, puzzling, and poignant is a good matrix to attempt to work in; getting close to two out of the three should be a consistent goal…


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