New analogies with the 1990s in neon and concrete, flannel and hair flips, castles in the sky.

Music to miss the last train to and the internal exile’s navigation towards the Omega Point (your 7th grade brain bleeding over dance parties).

How you’re the one for me, or so it seems, and how we can live our lives in health side by side, discussing which countries do not resuscitate and why.

Emerging market equities that have been over-performing those of the developed world in the past three months.

Windmills of the Subcarpathian and Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeships.

Whether anyone you know has train tracks in their backyard, and how you also want to run into the hills alongside some Midwestern highway.

If you touch the lives of many but will leave few crying, and the peaks and valleys you have happened upon versus the flat lands you are approaching.

Compressed cardboard suitcases holding circular saw blades, and which parameters of comfortable environments work best as predicates for teaching.

Neo-reaction, neo-violence, and the compassionate way forward along with the suburb of Seoul that is planning on building an invisible skyscraper.

All the ravens of Tokyo, particularly those in Shinagawa (van de geboorte tot de dood).

The root vegetable intractability of tribe and culture, the delicacy of the truffle order, the inevitable return of a barbecued meat hierarchy, the ease of aesthetic decline in the composition of sauces, and the poverty of modern substitutes for family, patria, and religion.

Preserving, erasing, and destructing the unorthodox interspersion of the Pax Americana.

That perhaps Africa is not the be-all end-all to China after all, and those feels when cycling past a cemetery built in 1979 on your way to Ojców.

When it is appropriate to say, “Well done, sir, well done” versus how hard it is to pull off intriguing photos of garbage.

Radiophobia in the Zone as a false response to something real and how to make sense of the sarcophagus as a 20th century pyramid.

When to welcome novelty and when to declare, “what we enjoy you may enjoy.”

The inability to face up to the past (because facing up to the past is literally impossible, natch).

Finding yourself in the middle of a dark forest at midlife when the possessor possesses nothing (especially if we’re speaking of facsimile firearms).

Riding the Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow express, all that death and glamor dressed in Central European grey.

Speed limits enforced by sniper (als ik zou willen dat je het begreep, zou ik het wel beter uitleggen).

Cultivating and exploiting regrets versus burning bridges to light the way.

Fathers, non-fathers, masculinity, femininity, and whether what we are imprinted with is something we are not to be victimized by.

When an attraction to Eastern Europe is to a zone in which the expectations of western consumerism have not totally infiltrated, which supports an illusion of independence because reality seems to move more slowly.

Why old guys smiling and wearing good Wigens are worth learning from.

Remembering there is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt (regardless of whether you are trapped in the dream of the Other and fucked accordingly). #Deleuze

Multi-Image City versus Deathless City.

As we were saying, if there are three people singing at the same time and perhaps a senior dog nearby, weeping shall follow.

How anything but full ownership does not have the same landing power, and now, the blue one comes in black!

The cost of our protection in crystal guts when human lives are reduced to coordinates on a grid.

Whether it’s worth purchasing some crystals to carry around, for example, an amethyst geode with quartz elestial inclusions from Brazil and some rough mookaite jasper.

The many making and taking a literal hex with a masculine sense-of-self that considers itself separate from the world (whereas a feminine sense sees itself as fundamentally interconnected?), and thus how all incidents of violence and ecological crises come from the failure to make connections.

When you beg to be seen and watched even though you know they love you, so in the end, you are just surveilling yourself.

How to be profoundly fooled by the fantasy of the American experiment and/or a united Europe.

A dungeon with great natural light, or how it feels to be hungover and about to go swimming (so tragic and broken but enduring, ageless).

How to appropriate the appropriators while understanding crisis as a characteristic of everyday life (which is exactly what salutary estrangement is and suggests).

The value of wearing a mint-colored floral shirt with birds on it when there are two kinds of memory (and then there is memory itself).

Bulgaria providing free bus rides for a week to folks who could prove they were reading a book for the entirety of their journey.

Whether Žižek is not beyond passé by now.

How to keep the cinnamon and skeletons, or, why not just enjoy the sad spice spectacles of life?

How to remember that it doesn’t matter where you take things from, it matters where you take them (most dreamers never learn beyond the point of no return).

Getting out of bed on a Monday morning when you cannot wait until you can take a bath a good eleven hours later.

Why there may be no escaping what is most obvious about your situation.

Learning to impersonate the rich and famous before learning to be the person you have always wanted to impersonate.

Modern nostalgic fantasies like glaciers forming a moving border.

What it means to live, what it means to kill time (and why the word “impactful” is grating).

How to use both “yes” and “no” in the same sentence.

Lingering ghosts, narcissistic cities, and being American without an American identity.

How you understand the exilium and that the early 2000s were a lawless wasteland.

Melancholy as a speculative yet contemplative utopia, which in turn sheds light on how difficult it is to pull off the 2nd person.

Architecture without content, places of accumulation, and living a long time on the love of a dog.

When the options seem gone, how to relieve men of their roles as protectors and predators.

The fallout after feeling like you’ve talked too much when the internet no longer seems to exist.

Speaking in your own language, writing in a foreign language, and regretting the chances you did not take.

How to cherish vulnerability while staring out the window at raw California fault land.

The state of Cleveland industry and pollution in 1992, and up next, how best to forest bathe in Northern Kentucky.

The futurity of past things, American cassette culture, D-league basketball across the country, and the death of beautiful subjects.

That quarter of the story you always leave out.

That Evansville, Indiana is equidistant from Chicago and Tupelo, Mississippi.

All the places in the world to which you want to return and how you don’t have to hate a place to want to leave it.

Living in the Capitalocene era in a state in which waste does not exist.

How it’s not owning the table that’s important but owning the books that you put on any table.

People doing things to other people and if things were ever better when they were bad.

The market value of cultural difference, relationship temporality, and how maybe you should have just moved to Chicago.

The dreariness of real manliness without stunning good looks (learning how to leave the mountain).

Parameters of cowardice compared with the ways water defines landscape.

How often it rains in São Paulo and the smell of Pantene Pro-V in 1998.

Whether you yourself can be a “safe space” within the ultimate multi-qlti.

Those Americans to whom you can no longer just say “thank you,” it must be “thank you so much.”

The specimen of Europa.

When it’s mostly sunny there, rainy here, and sunny everywhere else, or, highway anxiety.

The investigations of Sans Soleil into animism and the sacred.

Tell me something. Tell me.

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  1. Forget the travel guide books. This is better than adequate.

  2. sanberdooboy says:

    this poem could (and should) be a course syllabus. it has so much to teach us. For example, “The dreariness of real manliness without stunning good looks (learning how to leave the mountain)” says much about choices that we men have (or don’t have). And “dreariness” is apt in a country where Ted Nugent is a hero to many.

    • I appreciate that! I can only hope to provoke at least a little. Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scrach Fever,” views on gun control, and overt sexism/misogyny present a very dreary vision, I agree…


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