You are my best
Friend, sun-dappled
And descended
From that spot up
Near the kopiec.

Today you receive
Vivid garden poppies
Bought from an old
Village Slav ’cause
I could not find the
Peonies you wanted.

In a few days I fall
Off the solid gold bike
In an echo of shoulder
Trauma from years
Before, you worry
And bring me ice,
Asking, what have
You done now?

You stay east while
In another city new
Language, movement
Taken, migrants to
Where air is fresher
And past less present.

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2 thoughts on “SAY ONLY SO LONG

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    such poignancy in this poem. the first three stanzas show the loveliness of a relationship. (“what have/ You done now?” seems a perfect expression of concern.) the last two lines are witty and sad at the same time.


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