In Florida it’s 1:53 PM, he’d be at work:
Give him a call, hear the bafflement in his voice,
Your confusion over his severe outpost.

Eat a bunch of Famous American Style Recipe
Cookies, be a fantastic man: don’t ask
Or reciprocate, stay blessed/lost.

Miss out, do something wrong
In every country: more coffee, more food,
More sex, more money, more writing.

Write in bold all caps, maintain foot + hip
Problems: be content with what you have,
Any desire, always stay just okay
With all possible solutions.

One nods at you, one offers you a snack,
Another apologizes: everyday’s a large
Amount of indiscriminate interactions.

The ones you listened to comedy skits with
On top of a mountain: consider soul
As the longing of the soulless for redemption,
Perhaps for you both.

Make images: get slapped with flowers,
Apologize for spilling their drinks, search out
A warm vibe from the eastern peripheries.

Movement is along the grid, towards where
You hang your hat and go to sleep: all
The embarrassments there and elsewhere.

The Mazury pine does not exist anywhere else
In the world except Poland: magic tricks
Do go wrong on live TV, yet we all
Still seem recently emerged from the soil.

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4 thoughts on “UNDER THE SAME SUN

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    the fragments of experience and observations in the poem capture the life of a traveler: “everyday’s a large/ Amount of indiscriminate interactions.” yet we all want “more.” (especially more of the “Famous American Style Recipe/ Cookies.” what a wonderful line.


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