I picture the lost diamond on the move
Like a storm blowing out of paradise

I abandon the idiot designation
I too have my dopey nativism

I ease up on the sugar, careful with the
Bottle till it’s out the house, even then

I feel this sensitive golden age
Rusting there on the edge of town

I degrade the vertical musics
I infantilize the vice versa with you

I make a decision to make it right
I wear my black hat high on the head

I sleep not too long, resolve all and hope
Zero, shoot for a total positive nadir

I spend a year outside the birth country
I skyscraper shuffle with a mutant pulse

I grow tactile amid northern electronics
I hood capitalism and blend in to power

I see neoplastic variations on tangible labor
I stay unsure of these blank controls

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  1. chrisbkm says:

    I am always excited when I see that you have posted a poem Zoltán – and never disappointed.

  2. sanberdooboy says:

    zoltán, please excuse me while i take a personal and probably misguided journey through your poem: the persona is busy, almost painfully eager to please. he (?) wants to do what is right. he wants to “hood capitalism and blend into power” but even with easing up on sugar and trying other remedies, he is still unsure “of these blank controls.”

    we live in confusing, difficult times, and even those who want to do the right thing are confused.

    and this is just my view: in this country we are days away from inaugurating a leader who frightens and disgusts most of us.

    • No excuse necessary Michael, I welcome all interpretations and always value your detailed reading and gracious attention. Writing regularly and reading other’s work will continue to be a support this year. Cheers.


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