out today on the skiff, see the Belgian solutions
at worst ordinary landscapes of the Anthropocene

a new dialogue between Athens and Brussels
a pointless gem picked from the black sand beach

of 22 hour days, pyroclastic surge, microclimates
burning down parallel to two college tech-bros

moving east to west as we speak, declaring
“we’re too old to sleep on floors, survive

by such perishable tactics, outline expressions
of baseline weakness, flex biceps through a phone”

this tho: I need to ask you, sir, about this tattooed
“what’s good” mentality and any current amnesias

so, mine’s soft circle and the male feminine
contradiction science and continental electronics

microtargeting and growing your audience
sexy technology and getting bored stiff

miles of undying color and biological imperative
small things in silence, that good ole global normal

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