for your own good
clearly easier

to make folks you
disagree with obscure
emotions than
appropriate or conserve
like pundits

just look at me
on a boat
asking honestly

have they ever even tried
to sample suffering
from totalitarian relations


PSA: make sure
you ready sources
chastise name
calling sublimate
instant turnoffs
for a measured explanaish
in flyover


asking for a friend
limited perception regime
did they deserve it


theory: in a certain
type of hell
followers gloat
midwestern earnestness

you bet

hot take: the worst
humans wake up that way

see sidewalk
tore up three weeks
versus two years plus
of car rust
back the house

theory: ending
bullying as effective
as not waking up

as our freedom
to spend

swap it out
actively ignore

enjoy porch drinks
with good people

virtue signal

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