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no parody nor reassembling going down
at flea markets in bucyrus

deep in afternoon firefight
from screen to cellophane

vapor spills into all kinds of reality
based communities: after all

occult architecture takes two shadows
to complete, fewer when loved ones face

neither east nor west and miss organs
made of bones: never been a brother

never will desire spawn to crystal
grail hashtag obsessed with gamelan

no them, only us, our safe space
and great future materiality

with its need of a great past or nil
all these folks convinced of goodness

slash destiny so telegenic, read as “fun
yet still searching” off the grid

see it through the globe connected
half the time only via app

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for your own good
clearly easier

to make folks you
disagree with obscure
emotions than
appropriate or conserve
like pundits

just look at me
on a boat
asking honestly

have they ever even tried
to sample suffering
from totalitarian relations


PSA: make sure
you ready sources
chastise name
calling sublimate
instant turnoffs
for a measured explanaish
in flyover


asking for a friend
limited perception regime
did they deserve it


theory: in a certain
type of hell
followers gloat
midwestern earnestness

you bet

hot take: the worst
humans wake up that way

see sidewalk
tore up three weeks
versus two years plus
of car rust
back the house

theory: ending
bullying as effective
as not waking up

as our freedom
to spend

swap it out
actively ignore

enjoy porch drinks
with good people

virtue signal

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no street view down osborne
pass the house handmade

just a mnemonic not even
image pollution choke or bold

writing on forgottenness
blue spruce given way

to conduit failure barely
a complaint heard in hard rural

urban complication just
calling bout a countryside

tilled under orthodox gifts
like self-sabotage why’d

they even need support
from monstrous special

dear you and all our
mutable identities

parading as empire in its
many shades of boredom

no rust belt outsider
resource grows the same

as posh isolation
as paths of resistance

against knowing what
to fix and how

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tonight property gaming
slash marketable collapse
basic form previews

more male transformative
lifeblood on the line: true
nostalgia for spetsobjekt

flyover reveres salesmen
no empaths of silencing
women no real false monikers

mostly bubbling forms both
born to the bog and slavish
in banlieue sweatshirts

to diversify our machines
houseplants only a paused
careerism of sympathy likes

love obsessed and yay
saying so long to ever
so smaller but wide a life

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real money comes not in pain
business till a crossed-eye
ventures forth: let’s go

for beer or tea, consummate labor
with domestic, request come by
no longer, it’s come through

our self-care too debased
to define community round
real doers, not just proactive

tax folks, them and the other
no glory sought but muscle
flex emoji, it’s a complicated

melancholy killing success
good morning to quality toast
fam friend let’s get drinks

colleagues go for drinks
multiply the ghost, share
failures to thrive, gargle

consonants in rain, disrupt
so innovate the nights
spent counting hashtags

on 346 pages, 346 books
defending brutalism, its ultra
violet concrete shot through

with basic behavior, heavy
lifting, photo apparency
unknown precepts too

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jack today met one
he coulda become, no doubt
today hes preparin
to get midwestern met

roy decided to stay
quiet years ago, another
one we should watch
out for, the you in we
lettin up on the valve

dr spanyck liked some
photos of her day, that
parallel park job
in the morn, purchase
of white wine and
cat food with coupons
at night, down the block

eddie thought who dont
feel better buyin something
nice at the weekend
hope she stops soon
with the cheap tshirts

today we feel no lifes
ever been as long workin
at unfinished portraits

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out today on the skiff, see the Belgian solutions
at worst ordinary landscapes of the Anthropocene

a new dialogue between Athens and Brussels
a pointless gem picked from the black sand beach

of 22 hour days, pyroclastic surge, microclimates
burning down parallel to two college tech-bros

moving east to west as we speak, declaring
“we’re too old to sleep on floors, survive

by such perishable tactics, outline expressions
of baseline weakness, flex biceps through a phone”

this tho: I need to ask you, sir, about this tattooed
“what’s good” mentality and any current amnesias

so, mine’s soft circle and the male feminine
contradiction science and continental electronics

microtargeting and growing your audience
sexy technology and getting bored stiff

miles of undying color and biological imperative
small things in silence, that good ole global normal

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