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So in the current salt of our sensitivities, safe
Is the necessary self-preservation the triggered
Survivors share in these bright newly branded
Ecosystems: and offensive are those concerns
Marginalizing, like some dormant nuclear rivalry
Identity as blatantly non-interventionist.

Alone became the new together following pistol
Reports and these double-marked questions: how
Do you feel, do you do love, do you do hate
What’s your class (like, year, at least??), do you
Want to return to 1991, do you feel unsafe??

Transgressions, especially those so “insensitive”
Traumatize the gendering of tropes but fail
To foster that rainbowed silence so imperative
To facilitating authentic memory: vocal fry
Unfollows, exhaustion, superior feels, the
Hazing of righteous history and representation.

No yes, I mean, you feel threatened, sense the
Micro-aggressions, grieve: sign up for training
On how to empower all these forbidden terms
Add syntax to further trigger warnings, frame
Issues as inappropriate, commodify damaged
Pasts for future use, enable competitive self-
Exposure, contribute to the churn of these
Mannerist years of identitarian identikit.

Cause, so, like, if you understand the 12
Genders as defined by Humperson’s Third Law
Of Meta, how can you not be slicing your
Baroque differences as fine as black summer
Truffles over the communal vegan oppositional
Shame pizzas of your radicalization??

Look folks, are you even striving to remove the
Stigmas of the subaltern while addressing sums
Of intersectional disrespect at the heart of
Every afterthought in this armory of terms??
No, you listen: are you even conversing??


So, what is the definition of winning: to leave, to stay.
So, there was a 1:1 military-to-contractors ratio.
So, 71% of young Americans would not qualify to enlist for military service.
So, it takes 378 days for the VA to complete a disability claim.
So, a Vietnam Veterans hat will get you a handshake and a $50 discount at a hotel.
So if they lost that war, did that fuel the following decade’s neoconservatism.
So, are you losing these wars.


You are CC’ed on an e-mail with these lines: “you
Should write a book about all of your adventures.
You are the closest thing to ‘most interesting man
In the world’ that I know.” In the world you know
That belongs in a poem: a poetry of embarrassment
For sender, recipient, all CC’ed, all readers
All compromised. For like e-mails overall, is not
The function of poetry anymore to embarrass??


A gnomically confrontational tone, a document
Of several broken teeth: as we reach peak image
We reach peak empowerment. There is something
Gorgeous about a full ashtray: to sense what may
Have been lost, to stay the same, never change.

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